Our Step By Step Guide! — NO BOTS ALLOWED!!

Outkasts, we are so excited to conduct our Public Sale this Friday October 1, 2021 at 4pm UTC (12PM EST, 9AM PST). We have designed our public sale to do two main things:

  1. Lower the collateral damage from the dreaded Gas Wars and;
  2. Stop bots from minting any Outkasts from our collection. (We like real people here).

You are likely wondering how we are going to go about so please read the next few Steps carefully so nothing goes wrong on Launch Day for you!

STEP 1: You need to purchase Ethereum.

STEP 2: Transfer your Ethereum to your Metamask Wallet. (TIP: We recommend using Metamask over trezor wallet or coinbase wallet for this or you may run into an issue due to how they have coded their wallets).

STEP 3: Go to our discord at

STEP 4: Type in ANY of the chat channels in the discord /gethash and then press ENTER. (type exactly this with no spaces). (TIP: We recommend typing this into channels other than General so its slower like the “bot commands” or “Pets” channels within our discord).

STEP 5: You will see a box pop up over where you just typed with the words ETHADDRESS.

STEP 6: Click this box that says ETHADDRESS and you will be prompted to enter your Ethereum Address and hit ENTER. (TIP: You will copy this address from your Metamask wallet. There will be an option to copy to clipboard, just do that and paste it exactly as it is into the discord).

STEP 7: Once you have entered you enter your ETH ADDRESS click the next button in that pop up where it says MINTCOUNT.

STEP 8: Type in how many you want to mint and press enter. Your Options at this step is to put in 1, 2, or 3 depending on how many NFTs you plan to purchase. (TIP: MAX 3)

STEP 9: You will immediately receive a Hash Code after pressing enter followed by a NONCE and and MINT COUNT.

STEP 10: Head to Outkast.World. Once you open the website you will see the following:

STEP 11: Copy and Paste your HASH CODE where it says “Secret Hash.” Then input the Nonce and Mint Count that you received in the Discord from STEP 9 and hit the MINT button.

STEP 12: You will then be prompted to connect your Metamask wallet. It will literally say the word “Connect” on the meta mask extension that pops up. Hit Connect! Then the MetaMask Wallet will connect with the website.

STEP 13: Hit the MINT button again ONE TIME if you have completed steps 1–11 correctly your Metamask wallet will pop up again with the correct amount of ETH for the number of NFTs you are buying (MINT COUNT). Hit confirm and you are all done. (TIP: As with any public sale launch you may want to set the gas to high). IMPORTANT: ONLY HIT THE MINT BUTTON ONE TIME AT THIS STEP.


IMPORTANT: Once you use your secret Hash Code, after 5 minutes you can go back into the discord and repeat Steps 1–9 to get new Hash Code, NONCE and Mint Count.You can then mint all over again if you do so choose!

For Our Most Loyal Outkasts:

If you have been in our Outkast Discord Server for more than 24 hours from the time this article is published. Beginning at 1PM EST (5PM UTC) on September 30, 2021, you will be able to complete STEPS 1–9 ahead of time. This will NOT guarantee you a spot or an Outkast during Public Sale.

However, it will allow you to avoid racing others to get their aSecret hashes in the discord.

So for those who choose to get the code early, once the Public Sale goes Live at 4PM UTC on October 1, 2021, you will simply have to go to Outkast.World and complete STEPS 10–14.

TIPS: We recommend doing this all on a DESKTOP to ensure it goes smoothly. We also recommend using METAMASK as we have stress tested this many times with the METAMASK wallet. We saw some issues during private sale that we learned were due to people using Trezor Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. We believe they are wonderful wallets but for some reason they cause issues with our system.

You may now be wondering “WHEN CAN I SEE MY OUTKAST?”

ANSWER: We will be holding a community reveal within 48 hours of Public Sale!

GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Remember to help our community overcome Gas Wars 2 random wallets that Mint an Outkast during Public Sale will be entered into our giveaway contest where they will win 1 Ether + 1 Free Outkast NFT.

Thats it! We hope to see you all Friday October 1, 2021 at 4PM UTC (12pm EST) and good luck!


10,000 programmatically generated anime and starwars inspired NFT Collectibles

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10,000 programmatically generated anime and starwars inspired NFT Collectibles

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